Our Story

Atticusboo was established in 2003 by me, Linda, when my son was just one and a half and in fact, his middle name Atticus gave me the idea for the shop name. (Most people assume it is after another very famous Atticus and Boo - there is a connection but it's a long and slightly tedious story that I have told too many times to mention). A few years later my daughter was born and as a tiny baby would get placed into a wicker shop basket with a few blankets in to sleep whilst I got on with a bit of ordering or paperwork.

Beccy joined Atticusboo a few months after I opened and Jane a year later and between us we have managed to raise our children and keep the shop going somehow for 18 years! We call ourselves the Boosters. Most of our children have at times worked in the shop - it is a real family affair. We have also had a select group of brilliant students who have worked for us as Sunday and Holiday staff usually through A levels and university until they find their own paths to tread. Our young staff are the Baby Boosters and what's incredible is that our Baby Boosters are now having babies of their own. We hope that we will be around long enough to maybe have Babies of Baby Boosters behind the till one day - wouldn't that be something?

We love finding quality gifts, homeware and accessories for all no matter what the occasion. We hand pick every item in the shop, everything has to earn its place and be either the best or most beautiful or most useful of its kind. It is a stringent process, choosing our products, I suspect we may have a bit of a reputation amongst our suppliers for being what we would call exacting but what I suspect they might call slightly annoying... sorry long suffering suppliers!

We are still here after 18 years because we have THE best and most loyal of customers - many of whom have become friends. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we try to go out of our way to help where we can. We really hope this translates equally as well in our online shop. This is our first foray into online shopping so please let us know  if there is anything we can improve on.

We love what we do, we hope you like it too!

Linda x

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