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Tinne + Mia

XL Feel Good Pouch in Dark Brown by Tinne + Mia

XL Feel Good Pouch in Dark Brown by Tinne + Mia

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You might recognise this dark brown Feel Good Pouch from the pouch you get around your feel good bag, but this one is just a bit bigger. 'I want to go. With you.' is printed on the pouch. This pouch is the perfect place to collect your little stuff. You can match or mismatch this pouch with your Feel Good Bag.

As with all Tinne + Mia products the cute extras that you get with each pouch really make them special - this one comes with a little gold love disc attached to the price label and a printed board in side that reads Whatever you, are be a good one. 

* The last image is of a different colour bag but included to illustrate the scale of the pouch. The shade of this pouch a rich dark brown with dusky pink zip and lettering.


- colour: dark brown
- quote: I want to go. With you.
- size: 19x28cm / 7.5x11inch
- gold YKK zipper
- material outside: vegan leather
- inner material: nylon
- inside and outside are waterproof

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