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Sports Lid Chilly's 260ml/500ml Matte Green

Sports Lid Chilly's 260ml/500ml Matte Green

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Want easy-access hydration while you work out? The Chilly's sports lid screws straight onto your 260ml and 500ml Original bottle for ice-cold water on the go. Made from durable BPA-free plastic and available in 12 colours, this small but mighty accessory is an essential part of your get-fit kit. Exercise mode: activated.

Are they completely leakproof?

Chilly’s sports lids create a very tight seal meaning they are very good at preventing major spills. However, whilst they are extremely good at preventing leaks, we cannot guarantee that they are fully leakproof. For this reason, we recommend that you transport your bottle in an upright position when using the sports lids.

*not suitable for use with hot liquids or fizzy drinks.

Will it still keep my drink cold?

While your Chilly’s bottle will still keep drinks cold, the thermal performance will be adversely affected when using the Chilly’s sports lid, meaning your liquid may not keep drinks cold for the full 24 hours.

Why is my lid squeaking when I drink from it?

This squeaking noise is occurring due to the lack of air escaping through the valve in the lid.

To fix this,  pull the air intake valve up and allow it to fall back into position. Repeat up to 5 times. This will loosen the valve and ensure enough air can escape through the hole.  Ensure the valve falls back into place properly, where none of the edges are folded back or bunched up to prevent future leakage.

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