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Angel Melt Candles

Angel Melt Candles

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Rich, Round, Musky & Slightly Chocolatey! “When You Light A Candle The Angels Always Gather”

When Melt launched their Angel fragranced scented candles back in 2002 customers took her to their hearts and haven’t let her go since.

We’ve a hunch it has a LOT to do with the big dollop of Chocolate oil that they add to the base notes. She is still Melt's best selling fragrance  – and this scented candle will cocoon you in her gorgeous scent and watch over you for many perfectly perfumed hours.

Beautifully presented in a stunning gift box, she is the perfect gift (or sneaky treat for yourself).

Dewberry, Cassis, Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber & a hint of Chocolate.

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