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Christmas Melt Candles

Christmas Melt Candles

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The definitive ‘Christmas’ scent and winter fragrance – spicy & warm. “Children’s Laughter, Sparkling Eyes, Flushed Cheeks, Stockings on bed posts, Soft Sleigh Bells, The Whispering Crunch of Hooves on Snow, A Flash of Red & a Kindly Face… HE’S HERE”

Because if Christmas was a fragrance it would smell like this.

We can’t pretend it is the best contender to light on a warm, summer evening – but for this magical time of year our Christmas scented candles are, quite simply, perfectly fragranced.

Warm & welcoming, rich & spicy, it is Christmas tree, log fires, presents under the tree, wreaths on the door, a sprinkle of snow, soft candle light, family and friends.

Ok We’ll stop now.

…….(P.S Did we mention sleigh bells & Christmas Carols?)

Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Orange, Vanilla & Spices and everything Christmassy.

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