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Rebecca Clitheroe Artist

RCA Prints Hidden Histories

RCA Prints Hidden Histories

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Original works by Rebecca Clitheroe. These works form part of Rebecca’s ‘Hidden Histories’ collection. Rebecca uses pastel and pencil crayon layered over imagery and historical research to create unique illustrations that reveal the story behind Britain’s iconic landmarks. 

Many of Rebecca Clitheroe's Hidden Histories depict iconic places in and around Buxton and Derbyshire - we stock prints, both framed and unframed, postcards and greetings cards. Some of these pieces have been hand flittered for decorative effect and that option can be selected, if available, when you place your order. If any option is currently showing as unavailable, please email or call us and we can usually get you what you want very quickly.

© Rebecca Clitheroe 2019

All artwork and imagery is the property of Rebecca Clitheroe and should not be downloaded or copied without the Artist’s permission.


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