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Marlene Hounam

Gold Plated Sentiment Disc - Mum

Gold Plated Sentiment Disc - Mum

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Sentiment disc - Mum (chain sold separately)

These discs have been best sellers for years at atticusboo and they are a timeless, classic design which suit almost all tastes and all ages, and both men and women. Choose a word that matches the sentiment you'd like to send - the words are printed very subtly so only you and the recipient really know what they say. You can be a bit sentimental without sharing it with the whole world. Here are some suggestions:

Mother to Daughter: Love, Happiness, Believe, Dream, Daughter, Love Love Love, Live Laugh Love, Carpe Diem, Star

Daughter to Mother: Love, Mummy, Mother, Mum,  Happiness, Bestie, Love Love Love

Sister: star, hug, love

Grandmother: Nana, Love

Christening: Faith, Believe, Love, Peace, Dream, Hope

Leaving home: Love, Believe, Happiness, Carpe Diem

To Friends: Bestie, Love, Love Love Love, Happiness, Believe, Hope


Sterling silver with gold plating and the word Mum imprinted - these can be word on a chain or on a length of cord - they usually sell with one of our silver faceted ball chains but can be sold separately.

Create a necklace personalised just for you or your loved ones.

Multiple discs on one chain are really popular and you can mix and match a silver disc on a gold chain or vice versa. Some customers like to pick three words and make the middle disc a different finish to the other two - gold silver gold or silver gold silver. 

size: 18mm diameter

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