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Love You Dad Keyring

Love You Dad Keyring

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A keepsake keyring for a special grandparent.

This round keyring token is stamped with the message "love you" followed by your choice of grandparent name.

Choose from: grandpa, grandad, gramps, for Grandfathers or grandma, granny, nanna, for Grandmothers.

Personalise the keyring by adding small pebbles such as grandchildren's initials, a heart or flower. These pebbles sit next to the "love you" token and can be rearranged or even added to at a later date as the family grows.

• solid pewter token
• stainless steel split ring
• token measures 2.8cm diameter
• split ring measures 3.5cm tall
• pebbles measure 1.9x1.1cm


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